I have knickers that have I <3 ME print on the back. My boyfriend thought they were stupid so let’s not in a million years tell him that I always think of the “ME” as Michael Emerson! MLIseriouslyL!

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Locke vs Smokey

On the way to class today I passed by a guy who looked exactly like John Locke, green shirt and all, and a second later my phone rang with the smoke monster noise…I think it was a sign. MLIL

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Room 108

In May I drove from Colorado to Florida with my mom.  One night I came back to our room and she had put a “10” in front of the 8 on our door.  A month later, I was driving back to Colorado with my husband, and on the first night we stopped, we really got room 108.  MLIL!

Room 108

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I saw this gem while I was watching Buffy Season 6. ab aeterno indeed.
My Life Is so LOST.
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I saw this gem while I was watching Buffy Season 6. ab aeterno indeed.

My Life Is so LOST.

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walkabout on the island

We just went on a “walkabout tour” of a little island of the coast of NH and the name of the hotel on the island is the Oceanic.  I’m not even kidding, when we were on the boat trip to the mainland, looking at private islands my girlfriend said we should buy one, of course I yelled We have to go baaaack!  Then we laughed the whole way home.

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I downloaded the Lost soundtrack the other day. Doing everyday tasks is just so much more dramatic when listening to “Crocodile Locke”

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Second Generation LOSTIE

I have been rewatching LOST since the day the complete collection came out.  I went for a walk with my 8 year old son and he saw a manhole cover and said, “Look Mommy, A HATCH!”  I am now rubbing off on my child.

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Whenever I see a bottle of Hugo Boss perfume, I can’t help but wonder if Hurley is secretly running the company with the help of Ben, and how cool it would be to have an entire line of perfumes named after LOST characters or catchphrases.  Who among us would not want to wear a men’s cologne called “Man of Science” or “Man of Faith,”  or a women’s perfume called “Crazy French Chick?”    MLIL.

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My english class is LOST

On Friday, we were discussing some responses to this piece written by a man named Burke. And my English Professor began talking about how some people too the science vs. faith approach to their responses. Then she began to talk about several philosophers and such, she mentioned both John Locke and Rousseau in the same sentence. It took everything in me to keep from fangirling.

My life is happily Lost. 

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earlier today I went to church to see them selling “WWJD” bracelets.  a little girl asked me what it meant, and i replied “what would jack do?”.  im definitely going to hell…MLIL

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It's my party and I'll jear if I want to.

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