Dharma Van in Back to the Future?

Just rewatching Back to the Future. In the scene at the mall when Marty is sent into the future, the terrorist van is very Dharma looking. Maybe the terrorists borrowed it from Dharma.

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This morning I heard a promo for the show “The EVENT” and they mention a plane disappearing…I immediately said to my friend…Oceanic 815…and then a few minutes later I see a Blue VW Van…we started laughing hysterically!

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4 8 15 16 23 42

tonight at work this family came in and sat down - one of the kids (around 12 yrs old) wearing a dharma shirt. rather than asking them what beverages they wanted to have, i started our conversation with “4 8 15 16 23 42.” yep, did it.

the smile on his face was worth it.

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Locke is in San Diego

Last week my husband, daughter, and I were visiting San Diego.  As we were walking along the beach one morning, I spotted an orange peel near the edge of the water.  I pointed to our to my daughter and she immediately began to look around saying, “John Locke must be here!”

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Ji Yeon Kwon

this morning, I was on omegle.com when someone began talking to me. Not only was her name Ji Yeon, but she was from Australia! 


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free vodka

last month on my flight coming back from utah the nice flight attendant handed me a free mini bottle of vodka to go along with my bloody mary mix when i told him i didn’t feel like spending the money on it. i felt so much like jack shepard that i considered putting it in my pocket incase i needed it when we crashed.

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We were recently at a family reunion where one of the activities was guessing the amount of peanut M&Ms in a candy jar.  My nine year old son put in his guess and ran back to tell me he used some Lost numbers: 423.  We have been attending the family reunion for 23 (yikes) years and this is the first time we have won the jar of candy!  MLIL

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Miss Lost

I miss Lost so much.  I finally went to lostipedia today and purchased all of the music through iTunes.  It really brings back emotion.  My life is lost…

Monte Goodyk

Sully, IA

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General Desmond

Today, while reading Othello, I looked at the picture next to page 42 and saw Desmond. MLIL.

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faith or no faith?

My boyfriend and I were in a heated argument.  I said, “You need to have a little faith.”  He responded, “I don’t believe in fate.”  I started to tear up and he said, “Don’t be so hyper-sensitive.”  My response was, “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO.”  At that exact moment, I realized…MLIL

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