For Juliet

I was l browsing books at the bookstore.  I picked up one, opened it, and saw the dedication was “For Juliet.” I immediately closed the book to check if the author was Sawyer, James Ford, or Le Fleur.  Sadly, it wasn’t.  MLIL.

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Weird Coincidences…

I started my Law degree today… the first subject to be taught, in the first lecture was Constutional Law. It wasnt too bad, but what i noticed was that the lecturer refared to some special books and journals. One was called Two treaties of goverment’ by John Locke and the second was 'The social contract' by D. Rousseau… I was amazed, because this is just one of many coincidences refaring to Lost over the past few months. I sat through the remainder of the lecture imagining Locke writing it XD

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Elder McCutcheon (Whiskey)

Today at my job I was filing old letters for a project, and I came across a letter addressed to Elder McCutcheon. I wondered for a minute if he had any relation to the McCutcheon Whiskey Desmond wasn’t good enough for in one reality and had because nothing was too good for him. I got a little misty for Desmond.

My life is LOST and I wouldn’t ever change it.

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Last year, my math teacher wore glasses one day, and i realized he looks like bejamin linus. since that day, that’s what i refer to him as. best thing? he’s a lost fan too, and had started answering it. My friend and i presented him with a certificate from the DHARMA initiative, proclaiming him as “The John Locke of all teachers” cause he’s awesome.


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history numbers

my history teacher is more obssesed with lost then i am, the other day he told us to do problems 4 8 15 16 23 & 42. when someone asked why those numbers i simply responded ” Jacob had a thing for numbers” 

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One of the indian gaming casinos in San Diego County promotes itself heavily on the radio station I listen to in the morning.     There is some kind of constantly accruing jackpot they seem to be advertising each morning and as everyday they announce the amount the jackpot has reached.  

This announcement always comes on right about the time I am pulling into the garage in the morning, and I usually only half listening.   Then last week I was I was literally stopped in my tracks by the peculiar amount:


Hearing these number shocked me so badly I hit my brakes and was almost hit by the car following me into the parking lot.    

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My Street is Lost

Today is the first time I visited the site. I chuckled at a few entries then looked out my window. The address numbers to my neighbors house are 16815. MLIL

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Love Triangle

My little niece is in love with a boy named Jack.  A little boy named Sawyer is in love with her.  Her middle name is Katherine.  MLIL

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Am I the only one…

who smiled when I watched the first episode of the new Survivor and heard the one team was named, “La Flor”.  Sounds like an old friend with differnt spelling, La Fleur!

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On September 22 I had my year 12 muck-up day at school. We could dress up as whatever we wanted to…I came dressed in my two obsessions - half Harry Potter and half LOST. I was upset that no one understood the LOST part of my costume, as none of my friends watch LOST. I made them listen to me, while I was explaining how and why my costume was LOST-like.

My life is STILL LOST.

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It's my party and I'll jear if I want to.

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