My friend has a bamboo grove in his yard. He jokingly said that there were probably panda bears in it. My response; “… or polar bears.” We also got the idea to recreate the first and last scenes from the show there. MLIL.

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Their job is to protect the island

So I was watching Hawaii Five-O tonight (which features Lost alum Daniel Dae Kim) and at one point McGarrett is explaining that there is collective group of people (I don’t want to say gang, but they are of that ilk) and they exist “to protect the island.”  I immediately looked to DDK to see if he’d react to the words (he didn’t)…I, on the other hand, almost fell off the couch.

I don’t know if the whole “their job is to protect the island” was intentional or not…but it made me smile.

Yes, I know I have a problem…..

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Sawyer in Veronica Mars?

Today I was watching an episode of the show Veronica Mars and there was a scene in which a few characters were at a college party. In the background at this party, I thought I saw Sawyer hanging around, looking awesome…to my disappointment, it was only someone who looked like him. Coincidently, the theme of this party was Hawaiian beach style. :) MLIL.

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i’m watching a csi rerun that stars michael as a reverend. as he was giving his “sermon” to open the show, i wasn’t looking at the screen, just heard his voice, and in my head was waiting for him to yell “WAAAAAAAALT!” when he didn’t, i was disappointed.

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What do you mean she’s a guy?

I was reading about enlightenment philosophy. Got momentarily confused when the author referred to Rousseau as “he”.


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American History Pergatory

My best friend and I were sitting in our History class today. She commented on my facebook complaining about how class has felt so long, but only a few minutes had gone by. I replied saying that we were stuck in purgatory. Her response was “Who are we waiting on to cross over?! I just want to move on!”

Our lives are LOST.

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A very Dharma birthday

My husband’s birthday was May 23rd … the night of the season finale. Not only did he ask off work that day … but we had the best birthday cookie cake EVER. Our LIL 

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Garbage Truck

I was driving to school behind a very slow garbage truck. It took me a while to realize that the serial number on the truck was 815 234. After that I stopped tailgating it because I knew it was cursed.

My Life is LOST (and always will be)

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anthony cooper

i was watching an episode of “freaks and geeks” and who should pop up as a mean dad, but a man who goes by many names.  i had to shout at the characters “hide your money and your wife;   and cover your kidneys!”

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Everytime I have a dream lately someone from LOST is in it. I dreamt I was drowning, and Jin was underwater (like the submarine scene) and he saved me. Another dream I had, I time traveled because I missed my college graduation, and as my mind was going crazy and I had a severe headache, I saw Desmond, and he was the one who was giving my my diploma, so I realized what was going on. So in a way—Desmond was my constant. BUT the MOST BIZARRE dream I’ve had as of late would be the one where I was IN the episode where Miles walks over Alex’s grave (ben linus/rousseau’s daughter) as they go back to Ben’s home….When Smokey is about to get us I turned around and realized it wasn’t Smokey, but the creepy monster from Pan’s Labyrinth—the white one with eyeballs in his hands….how those two got mixed up I have no idea, but I do know one thing. My life will always be LOST.

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It's my party and I'll jear if I want to.

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