I was out collecting firewood (that never happens on LOST) so we could roast marshmellows, when I heard a ticka ticka ticka sound coming from my neighbors backyard. It turned out that it was just their sprinkler-but it was still probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

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my fiance and I were counting our RSVPs for our wedding reception… and as we neared the end… I realized we were at 108 people… I was so excited… then I found another stack of RSVPs… ahhh… what could have been… I may just UNvite people to roll the count back… at least we’ll be serving DHARMA Merlot…. MLIL

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Squirrel Baby has a new home

My life is so Lost I just spent 15hrs watching the Lost Auction on the internet. It was fun but watching all those memories get sold away made me a little sad. Lost is truly over there’s no coming back now. =(

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Most of the time, when I read the word DRAMA, my brain changes it to DHARMA. MLIL.

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The real question is, did he want to watch it again?

My husband went to jury duty yesterday. When he came home, he said that there had been an orientation video for all the potential jurors in the room. It was a pretty good video, he said nonchalantly.  Burning with sudden jealousy, I asked him if it starred Dr. Marvin Candle.  When he said no, I realized I had nothing to be jealous about after all.  I mean, what is the point of seeing an orientation video if Marvin Candle isn’t in it?  MLIL

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The Numbers Are Very Real

I was watching this thing about the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, when I heard the T.V. tell me something very scary. The first atomic bomb was dropped at 8:15, and was expected to explode after 42 seconds of air time. Coincidence? I think not.

The World is Lost

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I was creating an iTunes account for myself yesterday, and when I was typing in my phone number, I stopped halfway through and realized that I had actually just been typing 4815162342.


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we just started a new soccer team and got to pick our numbers. me and my lost obssesed friends picked “the numbers”. i picked 42 :D

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For my birthday, my very understanding friend created a Sayid-themed bag to help fill the void. 
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For my birthday, my very understanding friend created a Sayid-themed bag to help fill the void. 


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Texting Co-Workers from Mexico

Me: Just saw a commercial for the final season of LOST, in Spanish, on a Mexican channel. Started crying like a baby.

Her: Oh wow.

Me: Don’t act like if you saw a montage with the slow dramatic “LOST music” you wouldn’t do the same…

Her: I got teary just looking at Jack’s death outfit online for the auction.

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