My graduate class had to watch Antwone Fisher last night. I’d never seen this movie before, so when the opening scene started and I saw who was playing the young Antwone, I was shocked! I said out loud and rather enthusiastically, “WAAAAALLLT!!”. Nobody knew what I was talking about or even made the connection that it was the same actor that played Walt….I felt so alone. MLIL.

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The Numbers are Bad……..Nearly

I work in a shop and the other day I was serving a customer who wanted to play the lottery. I told him I can enter the numbers manually into the machine if he told me which numbers he wanted to play.

His reply “4, 8 15”, at this point my heart was going 200 bpm he then finished with totally different numbers from what I expected/wanted.

My life seriously is lost

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Today in my Moral Problems class, we were given a sheet of assigned readings. Next week, we have a selection from Jeremy Bentham on Tuesday and a selection from John Locke on Thursday. Two weeks from then, we have a reading by Rousseau. My philosophy class is Lost.

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A Real Lost Moment

I was on my laptop one day when I heard a really loud whirring noise coming from outside that sounded EXACTLY like when the hatch imploded.

I ran to the window to see what was going on and the sky looked really purple.

I was waiting for the hatch door to fall from the sky when the sky turned back to its normal colour and a saw a helicopter fly overhead.

The sky was only purle because I was staring at my laptop screen for too long.

I was very disappointed.

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Not letting go

Nestor Carbonell is guest staring in the newest episode of Psych. My little brother walked in and asked who the new character was. I went off on a tangent about Richard Alpert and how he doesn’t age and how he’s been there forever with jacob and lost his wife a few hundred years ago (along with his accent). After a few minutes my brother stopped me and said, “wasn’t that what happened in LOST?” “Oh yeah, wrong show.” I said. I guess the actors will always be their character from LOST in my mind.  MLIL

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Have you heard a word I’ve said?

the other day, my husband was explaining to me that he had to fill out lost documentation at his job: paperwork to document that a particular instrument in the lab was lost and could not be located.
all i was thinking was, WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I decided since Lost is over (which means my life is over) i would re watch the show, only to realize it would be my third time doing that…

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Dharma Series!

While watching the emmy’s, the actress who announced “The emmy for the best dharma series is…” I thought she said, “The emmy for the best DHARMA series is.”  MLIL

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I’m not much of a science person, but when my brother walked into the room, physics textbook in hand, and announced to our Dad, “I’m having trouble understanding electromagnetism,” I could relate. Later, he said something about “Faraday’s Law”. Silly me for thinking it was “whatever happened happened”. MLIL.

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I was prowling around school when I found a creepy little room, filled with plumbing, heating, and electrical equipment and a very old PC that was on. I was tempted to type ‘Hello’, but I was afraid Walt would respond.

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